The personalized sculptures are intended to represent tastes, personalities, hobbies, features... of friends, family, bosses, neighbors... They are unique pieces, which means that of each one there will not be another one like it in the world. They may be inspired by previous works, but one will never be the same as the next. The options are endless.


The prices are intended for human figures of 7cm high and a simple base. If they are bigger or more complex, the price will be revised. You can get an idea of the prices below.

If you have any doubt, please send us an e-mail and we will answer it. 

Precio aproximado esculturas:

  • Figuras 7 cm (tamaño estándar) desde 495€ + IVA

    495€ de base + 130€/160€ por integrante + 10% IVA

  • Figuras 9cm desde 625€ + IVA

    495€ de base + 175€ por integrante + 10% IVA

  • Figuras 11 cm desde 750€ + IVA

    750€ de base + 250€ por integrante + 10% IVA

  • Figuras 16 cm desde 1000€ + IVA

    1.000€ de base + 500€ por integrante + 10% IVA

  • Otro tamaño a consultar por correo